Design & Community Building

For Stoas University of Applied Sciences and Teacher Education a concept for a new type of furniture was introduced. The design is a modification of an existing designpiece; the Utopa by Studio VanDen from the Ecoluxury series. The Reflective Workspace asked the designer if he could invent a cocoonstool & couch which would be affordable for the school. When we discussed the idea to introduce a naked version of the Utopa piece with the straps still visible we also immediately saw a chance to use this as a connective community building item. Because the straps can be applied in different ways, each object will be unique. This selfbuild activity is coördinated by the designer but the application of the straps by hand will be done by the members of the organisation themselves. The activity and the result will add a sense of place and ownership to their new surroundings. Collaboration also helps to dissolve the separation between different educational departments and playfully stretches the minds of those people who still identify with that. Staffmembers, students and teachers will all be invited to participate.