Contemplative Design

Daily Poetry is the name of a series of “toys for contemplation to balance our rushed digital lifestyle”. These magic objects designed by Ingrid Hulskamp, invite you to play. Touching them requires your full attention, presence and care, since they are made of fragile materials like glass, liquids, silk and wood. This mindful experience is meant to slow you down and instantly brings you back to your senses. Having one on your desk will help you to relax and forget about time for a moment of sheer wonder.

IH-5  IH-3  IH-1

Another example of contemplative design is the installation of Nao Tamura shown in Milan last year. This delicate installation is composed of translucent discs referring to the shape of a Japanese fan. When set in motion by gently touching it or by the air movement when passing by, it shows the interconnectedness of the system. The designer intended to raise awareness of how we affect our surroundings beyond ourselves. She finds inspiration in nature where everything is interconnected and nothing exists on it’s own.

Tamura-2 Tamura-3 Tamura-1

To focus on the present moment by shifting attention to the body, as we know from yoga and mindfulness, gives relieve from stress and might even help to prevent diseases. Why not integrate this mindful, contemplative quality into our daily environment? Why not include it in the design program of offices and workplaces to keep our worklife more balanced and healthy?

Form follows poetry instead of form follows function might just be the right cure for it…….